Terpac - Increasingly innovative, customer centric, socially responsible

Dear Friends,

Terpac is more than just your basic hanger manufacturing company. Terpac is an innovative multinational company, utilizing strategic partnerships in numerous manufacturing locations globally with experienced teams to support all retailers and garment manufacturer hanging needs.

Terpac Plastics International has been in business for more than 30 years providing quality hangers for numerous retail and G.O.H.(garment on hangers) programs large and small.

Today’s global market requires the hanger manufacturer to be increasingly innovative,customer centric and socially responsible. Terpac manufacturers hundreds of hanger designs able to be produced in various colors or materials, both plastic and wood and include high tech features with either non-slip coatings or co injected rubber.

Being listed on officially nominated programs with Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Canada private label and store replenishment programs confirm our dedication to quality, price and reliability. With focused leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, Terpac is not too large to lose sight of our most important resource, the customer. Commitment to customer service, meeting required delivery dates, immediate follow up on customer concerns and dedication to detail sets us apart from others in the industry.

Terpac has production facilities in North and South China ( 5 facilities if you include the wood hanger factory), 3 in Bangladesh, Mexico, India, Cambodia and our corporate headquarters manufacturing facility in Montreal Canada and sales office in USA.

Quality is always an important consideration at Terpac; all our hangers meet the strict guidelines set forth in the VICS/GS1 guidelines for quality, durability and safety. In fact Terpac is one of the companies responsible for the recent revision of the hanger specification/guidelines for VICS/GS1. All our hangers are checked for quality not only at the production machines but a secondary protocol is performed at the factory level and periodically hangers are sent to independent testing labs for certification. Our relationship with Wal-Mart requires all ethical standards be meet for wage and age requirements as well as environmental and safety procedures in all our factories.

Understanding there are lots of choices in the hanger market today, Terpac would be honored if granted an opportunity to supply hangers for any of your companies needs and would go above and beyond to make you proud of the choice

Your Worldwide Hanger Solution

Robert Giustini


Terpac Plastics International Inc.

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